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coverOrganize to Win! #1 U.S. grassroots organizer's Handbook
If you get hate radio in your car, you probably patronize a merchant whose ads put it on the air. New sections on postcards and sign-on letters
coverNegotiate To Win
Lessons from 40 years on both sides of the table of public agencies. How agencies view public comments. Why the paper always means what the paper says. Unrecorded agreements have a half life of three months, bring donuts but donít eat them, go to the bathroom at every break.

The Future of Grassroots Organizing Wilderness organizing has collapsed, some brand new ideas from old campaigns

Devil's Environmental Dictionary, completely revised and expanded. Sept. 2010

Ancient Forest Wars, 80's, 90's Published Articles

A Hungry Ghost Story – bad environmental actors risk their souls, but good guys can too

A Closer Look at Shooting, Shoveling and Shutting Up – circular, illogical arguments dominate environmental debates

Top Censored Stories of the Last 25 Years – slavery reintroduced in the US, national debt secrets and more

Proposed Questions for a Turing Test – problems no computer could solve but humans could

Jonah, Patron Saint of Grassroots Activists – Jewish prophets were the first grassroots organizers – some lessons

Uncle Jim's Proverbs - updated Dec 2014

coverWhat to look for when you review a timber sale proposal
An illustrated guide to analyzing timber sales
coverManagement problems in non-profits (Part 1)
Why many non profits create nightmarish work environments for staff. Coping with bosses who are egotistical jerks, signs your organization is dysfunctional, how not to do mutinies. Part two is here: http://www.britell.com/use/use14.html

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