WILDERNESS RULES: A Rule Set for Grassroots Wilderness campaigns

Jim Britell

Today's wilderness activists are the fifth generation working to keep wild roadless places in their natural state. This essay is the third in a series and attempts to abstract the rules and lessons from successful and unsuccessful wilderness campaigns of the past. The last essay (The Golden Age of Grassroots Wilderness Political Organizing) discussed how Adirondack wilderness campaigns of the 1930's through 1950's were waged with an intensity and fire seldom seen since. Please read it before you read this so what follows will be more comprehensible. It is at http://www.britell.com/wild/wildindex.html

If we are to return to a day where the preservation of roadless, motorless Wilderness has the enthusiastic, informed support of working class people, the following is how to do it.

Rule Sets (Fr. T.Barnett) – A collection of rules that delineates how some activity normally unfolds. Rule set reset – When you realize that your world is woefully lacking certain types of rules, you start making up those new rules...

General rules

Politics and Politicians

Media and Message

Grassroots Organizing



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